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Chris Crumlish
  • Community Events

    Culinary Fight Fest: Final Plate show down. Flexible shift time
    8-20-18 5:45 pm - La Catrina Cafe
    Chicago Fun Volunteers

    Culinary Fight Club has been touring around the country for the last year bringing together the passion of high-energy kitchen and the thrill of a timed competition. Winners from 19 cities across the country will now come together to show off...

    Investment book discussion - "Nudge" by Richard Thaler
    8-20-18 5:45 pm - La Catrina Cafe
    Investing with Khloe U. Karova

    This is the third of a series of book discussions covering investing. No prior knowledge of investing is required, but I strongly encourage youto read "Nudge" by Richard Thaler before the meeting. You must register at least 24 hours in advance to...

    Come play board games on Monday nights!
    8-20-18 5:45 pm - La Catrina Cafe
    Pilsen Board Game Meetup

    Come play all kinds of board games at La Catrina café on Monday nights! Both beginners and experienced gamers are welcome. There is free parking on 16th Street and on the west side of Miller Street close by.